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Return & Replacement

Return Policy

For returns, we will replace if stock is available, and refund if stock is not available. The price of the product is fixed.We don't accept warranty exceed the price of the product.The maximum warranty cost shall not exceed the product price.The warranty period of the product begins when the product arrives at the customer

Please note that the following conditions are not applicable

(1) If the customer uses it improperly, and cause problems by modification or disassembly. 

(2) Problems caused by fire, flood, lightning and other natural disasters 

(3)After reselling the purchased products to a third party, the customer shall be responsible for any defect or damage caused by carelessness, error or other reasons, or damage or damage in combination with other products; 

We do not compensate for the loss for the following reasons

(1) Social damage (loss of operating profit, business interruption, etc.), information loss, financial loss, personal injury and costs related to recovery (maintenance cost, installation cost, handling  cost, transportation cost, communication cost, processing cost, PC data recovery cost) 

(2) We are committed to providing customers with accurate product information.When using, please check the product description, specifications, manufacturer and other accurate information again to ensure the correctness of the purchase. 

Return warm reminder

(1) When requesting a return, please provide a copy of the original purchase order. 

(2) Products must be returned with original packaging and labels to assist us in our investigation and disposal. 

(3) Your account will be credited upon receipt and confirmation of the return of the product at our  distribution center. 

(4) If the damaged products received are obviously damaged to the outer shipping container, please  report the damage to the carrier when receiving the goods.Please contact our sales office for  details of the damage. 

(5) Returned products must be in good condition and sealed packages should be used to ensure that there is no possibility of physical damage, electrostatic discharge damage (ESD) or exposure to moisture (especially important for dry-packed SMT) products.Vantagesemi product labels must be in place so that we can clearly trace back to the original shipment 

(6)Only products initially shipped from Vantagesemi will be returned to Vantagesemi.

(7)The returned product shall remain in original packaging and unused (except defective).Do not open ESD or moisture-sensitive products except under controlled conditions. 

(8)All manuals, accessories and packaging are attached to the product. 

(9)For more information or questions on product return requests please contact our Customer Service